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Get Healthy Today

Feel good, eat clean and take control of your health with Nutrition By Amy!
Since 1998, Amy Torch has helped thousands of individuals lose weight and keep it off.  Whether you are unhappy with how you look and feel or need support with improving your overall health status, Amy Torch is thrilled to help you acheive your specific goals in an individualized setting or within a group.


There are many reasons to seek nutritional counseling with a Registered Dietitian. Your doctor may have advised you that making lifestyle changes can improve your health and medical status; or you may have decided that you want to live a healthier and cleaner life and feel more confident about yourself. Regardless of your reason, Amy can help you make the appropriate lifesyle  changes to Eat Well for Life!  


At your first visit, I will conduct a brief medical history, assess your eating habits and level of physical activity. Based on my assessment and your future goals and specific needs, you will receive an individualized nutrition plan.

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