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Success Stories

Celebrating the thousands of people who transformed their lives through clean eating with the help of Nutrition By Amy!  Call Amy Torch today and take control of your health!

I found Amy to be the most understanding nutritionist I had seen. She has empathy for her clients. She helped me to deal with the sugar cravings and succeed to a healthier lifestyle change.

Cynthia, 58

I am a complicated case! Diabetic T2+. I feel releaved that I have Amy to consult and follow her advice when things are not the best. Thank you Amy.

Moise, 71

Amy got me back on track! My blood sugars are controlled and I am feeling great! Thanks for all the help Amy. 

Marni, 44

The struggle of having diabetes is real.  As a diabetic, it can be a real challenge managing your diet, your ratios and combinations and keeping your blood sugars in target range.  I wanted to strengthen my knowledge about this chronic condition and I wanted some help.  I did some decisive research and found a wise and capable women for my required task.  Her name is Amy Torch, Certified Diabetes Educator.  She helped me put together a set of sustainable ratios and rates as a play rep hockey 5 times a week.  She's made diabetes easy.

Mason, 12

I came to Amy to get on a healthy diet plan to lose weight, but what I got was so much more. Amy was able to customize a daily menu according to my food preferences. Ive learnt so much about what and how to eat for not just a diet, but a healthy lifestyle. More importantly she really takes the time to explain why, so I can make educated decisions about what goes in to my body. Thank you Amy for all of your on-going support, knowledge, and kindness. 

Anonymous, 29

I saw Amy for gestational diabetes throughout my pregnancy, and then again for weight loss after I had my son.  I had a difficult and stressful pregnancy and I was feeling overwhelmed.  Amy was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, patient and understanding and gave me so much relief.  After I had my son I was having trouble with my weight so I phoned Amy for help.  She gave me a personalized diet plan to meet my needs as a hungry, nursing vegetarian!  I have lost 40 pounds with Amy's help.  She taught me about portions, healthier choices and what to eat to keep me fuller for longer.  Throughout all of my experience with Amy, I felt that she really listened.  Each time I met with her she would amend my diet plan where necessary to continuously meet my needs.  I have and will continue to recommend Amy to anyone looking for an exceptional dietitian.    

Liza, 37

City, State

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